August 2017 President's Message

     How do we help women to tell their story? How do we help individuals understand that they are not alone in their struggles and that all of us have struggles?  As women we have many roles throughout our lifetime.  One example from this past year which stands out for me, was when Carol Craig shared her story. As a mom, business owner and community leader, she shared insights from her journey and the struggles she has gone through to get to where she is today.  From stories like Carol’s, we pick up those precious, golden nuggets of insights to help us on our journey.  Each of you also has a compelling story of your journey that also contains those golden nuggets to help others on their journey!   

     Take a moment. Grab a good cup of coffee or refreshing cup of tea, and sit down for a moment to think about your journey so far.  What is your story?  What knowledge and insight do you have to share with others that you have learned along the way in your journey?  How can you use that knowledge and insight to support and lift up others who are facing similar challenges? 

     It is important to have a strong support network; one that is there in the good times and the bad, to help celebrate the successes, and lift us up when times are tough.  The encouragement and support from our ABWA sisters gives us that nudge to overcome that obstacle and take the next step.  

     Over the next year, I would really like to focus on helping members of the chapter tell their stories, and share the knowledge and wisdom from lessons learned, celebrate the successes, and be there for each other in the challenging times.  Now there are some who will not want to share their stories.  Please understand this too is okay.  It is okay to agree to disagree.

     Remember, we can climb those mountains together.  You are not alone on this journey!  And, while we’re at it, let’s have some fun!

~ Cindy Schmitt


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