Cindy Grossman 2023-2024 - Cindy Grossman President

Cindy Grossman is a New York gal, who was born and raised in Queens. At an early age, Cindy was motivated to enter the retail business world. From Nordstrom management through her regional position with Montblanc, to now her skincare studio, Skinergy, she has exemplified exceptional customer service skills and shows compassion for everyone she meets.  She enjoys being the best friend of Sebastian and Kristen while being loving wife and daughter to Mitch, Celia, and George.  

A member of Oceanside Charter Chapter since April 2021, Cindy has served on the Membership and Hospitality Committees.  She is looking forward to her role on the Executive Board and serving as President of Oceanside this coming year.  

Kristen Heath 2023-2024 - Kristen Heath Vice President

Kristen Heath, a dedicated resident of Brevard County for nearly three decades, embodies the spirit of resilience, entrepreneurship and community service. Her journey has been one of diverse experiences, to include serving as an inmate crew supervisor at the Brevard County Sheriff’s office to becoming a successful small business owner in the field of skincare.

At the Sheriff's office, Kristen played a pivotal role as an inmate crew supervisor, where she imparted valuable culinary skills to those under her supervision. Her passion for teaching extended beyond the confines of the correctional facility, as she aimed to provide real-world skills that could empower individuals upon reentering society.

Transitioning from public service to entrepreneurship, Kristen Heath established a thriving skincare business, demonstrating her tenacity and adaptability. Her commitment to personal growth and empowerment has not only impacted her own life but has also created opportunities for others to embrace a positive future.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Kristen is an active member of the community exemplified by her extensive involvement with multiple non-profit organizations. Her volunteer work reflects a genuine dedication to making a positive impact and contributing to the well-being of those around her.

Kristen holds an Associates Degree and a certification as a Skin Care Specialist, showcasing her commitment to education and personal development. Known for her enthusiasm and a willingness to step up to any challenge, Kristen Heath continues to inspire others through her journey, proving that with determination and a compassionate heart, one can overcome obstacles and build a meaningful and successful life.

A member of Oceanside Charter Chapter since September 2021, Kristen has served on the Membership and Hospitality Committees.  She is looking forward to her role on the Executive Board and serving as Vice President of Oceanside this coming year.

Erica Rodrigues 2023-2024 - Erica Rodrigues Secretary

Erica Rodrigues recently graduated from Eastern Florida State College where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management with a certification in Legal Office Management. Passionate about helping others, Erica decided to join the Student Government Association where she held the positions of Secretary, Vice President, and President. Being engaged in Student Government helped her recognize her strength in leadership and interest in the legal field. As a result she became the State Secretary for the Florida College System Student Government Association to further help advocate for students and have their voices heard. For her hard work and dedication, she was awarded the Excellence in Student Government award in 2019. In 2022, Erica achieved the honor of being a member of the FCSAA All-Academic Team in Student Government. She plans to attend law school to get her Juris Doctor degree with a focus in Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity Law. 

When Erica is not studying hard, she is spending time with her cats, listening to music, or spending time with her friends and family by the pool. Erica joined Oceanside Charter Chapter in March 2023 as a way to meet and network with other women in different professions. She looks forward to serving as the Secretary on the Executive Board for 2023-2024.

Kristen Snyder 2023-2024 - Kristen Snyder Treasurer

Kristen moved to Melbourne Beach upon her father’s retirement from the Air Force in 1969. Unlike her five siblings, she was able to attend all Melbourne area schools from Kindergarten through her AA degree from Brevard Community College (BCC) without moving.  Kristen then continued to UCF to earn her BS degree in Business Administration.

While at BCC, she started working in the office at Johnson Accounting, Inc., where she worked her way through college and the following four years with Bob Johnson learning basic accounting and tax preparations.  In 1989, she took a job with a client firm, T.A. Altman Rentals.  While working for the Altman family for the folloing 23 years, she managed the office, oversaw more than 200 rental properties, and handled all personal and business accounting for the Altmans.  During those years with the Altman’s, Kristen continued to work each tax season at Johnson Accounting.

In 2012, Kristen entered the nonprofit world when she was hired by Genesis House, Inc.  This 47-year old agency provides safe shelter to women with children, pregnant women and senior women. In this position, she oversees the staff, the resident’s case management plans, fundraising, grant writing, and all accounting work.

Kristen is married to her husband, Ron and enjoys time with her family and friends. Kristen, a long standing member of ABWA rejoined Oceanside Charter Chapter after her illness in September 2020.  She has served on the Chapter’s Hospitality Committee, and now looks forward to serving on the Executive Board as Treasurer.

Tenille Perry 2023-2024 - Tenille Perry Past President Advisor

Born in Dallas, Texas, Tenille Perry moved to Brevard County, Florida in 1990.  She graduated from Palm Bay High school in 1995, and then started focusing on a career in the insurance industry in 2000.  Since high school, Tenille has always wanted to do something to help people, but she was at a loss as to what to do until she started in the mail room of an underwriting insurance company.  She soon took to the insurance world like a duck to water.  Within six months of getting into the industry, Tenille was running a division of the auto department then transferred to the state insurance side. 

After two years in the underwriting field, Tenille wanted more opportunity to use the knowledge she acquired to educate the public, so she migrated into the agency side of the business. 

In the agency field, Tenille had worked for State Farm and Allstate for many years, focusing on all aspects of the insurance industry with primary focus on customer relations to show her clients how to fully protect their hard-earned assets.  Now, as the Personal Lines Manager for one of the largest insurance brokers on the globe, Marsh McLennan Agency, Tenille has been able to share her knowledge and lead a large team to success. 

Tenille joined ABWA as an avenue to continued learning from the brilliant women in the organization and to further her knowledge in many different areas including leadership and business relations. She has been a member since 2019 and served as Secretary in 2018-2019 and as Treasurer in 2019-2020 prior to her appointment to fill the Executive Board vacancy of Vice President and President from 2021-2023 Executive Board years. In 2020, Tenille was honored as Chapter Woman of the Year.